Expressive Pedagogy

Expressive Pedagogy is a reaction to Current Traditional Rhetoric; furthermore, this pedagogy strives to implement practices inside the classroom that fights such a dominating discourse. Quite literally throwing out traditional text books, Expressive Pedagogy encourages students to write with authenticity, voice, and empowerment. So what is authenticity? What does it mean to truly be “organic?” For the expressive pedagogue, authentic writing stems from the process of writing– not the product. It is not concerned with how “good” or “correct” the writing is, rather how true the writing becomes to the writer. Writing is a means of expression. Within the Expressive Pedagogical curriculum, the writer becomes the craftsman– a shaper of ideas, truth, and democracy. Utilizing workshops, peer revisions, and interactive lesson plans, the students become a participate in the classroom instead of solely a pupil. The goal of Expressivism is to free the student from the dominating discourses of society, free the student from the rulebook–allowing the student to understand their own sense of what “good” writing means to them. As Voltaire so eloquently stated: “Writing is the painting of the voice.”


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