Second Language Writing Pedagogy


Fig. 1 This lovely hypnotoad has nothing to do with Second Language writing pedagogy. It is here to distinguish this post from others and, hopefully, make you smile.


Unlike other pedagogies, Second Language writing pedagogy is not site-specific; it is enacted whenever a teacher interacts with an L2 writer.

Tapping into Linguistic and Cultural resources:

  1. Presence of L2 students in a classroom gives teachers the opportunity to tap into rich linguistic and cultural experiences.
  2. L2 students have the lived knowledge of various cultural values, assumptions, and practices that can be beneficial for other students.

Learning strategies and resources:

  1. Learner’s dictionaries
  2. Translation as a strategy for drafting
  3. Writing centers
  4. Written corrective feedback (WCF)
  5. Pedagogical grammar
  6. Reading aloud
  7. Collaborative activities

Considering the diversity of the student population, teachers need to know not only the learning strategies but also be able to continually adjust their teaching approaches in the light of the cultural and linguistic understandings L2 students make available.


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