Critical Pedagogy

Critical Pedagogy


[critical pedagogues do not endorse vandalism] 

The central focus of critical pedagogy is student empowerment and the creation of an involved citizenry. Ann George’s chapter of A Guide to Composition Pedagogies, “Critical Pedagogies: Dreaming of Democracy” attempts to discuss the significance of four questions to the discourse of critical pedagogues:

  1. What does a critical writing classroom look like?
  2. Can we create democratic classrooms within traditional institutions?
  3. Is the goal to produce radical student activists? How?
  4. Is Freirean pedagogy applicable to American schools?
  5. How might we understand student resistance to leftist critiques? (80)

While these are conversations still happening among scholars, more recent thought has moved towards the importance of classroom experience in informing critical pedagogy more than any specific theoretical or methodological approach.


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